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DMSaaSBeta 1.0 — Cloud Web-Application for Data Mining. Like in popular RapidMiner and Knime, proven Workflows are used to represent Data Mining tasks.

Solving task as a Workflow like in a popular Data Mining tools.

Reducing your bills on supporting hardwares by delegating tasks on our servers

Visualize your data and results statically and interactive visualization in the web-browser

Plugable system which supports programs in Java, R and Python

Share data and programs with other users

Integration with Data Mining libraries Mahout and Weka

Web-based interface for accessing from desktops, laptops, iPAD's and Android tablets all over the world.

Access RESTful web API from any other applications

Integration with Apache Hadoop for solving Big Data problems

Wizards and help information for easy learning Data Mining and playing with data

Data and programs market

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Data Mining has traditionally been used in areas such as:

  • control and monitoring of complex manufacturing processes: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, in the food industry, in the precision agriculture;
  • financial management where credit ratings clients are mades using scoring models based on previously known precedent;
  • marketing where formal mathematical models are used to describe the behavior of consumers in the market;
  • security of informational and telecommunication systems where modeled an unintended user behavior;
  • business analyst of the array-based unstructured information derived from the global computer networks;
If you are looking for a tool for solving problems in one of these areas, look at our product DMSaaSBeta 1.0, or mail us.


Scientists working in bioinformatics, genetics, medicine, the engineers in various fields, use methods of Data Mining.

Genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, many areas of bioinformatics, spectroscopy, remote sensing - there are directions of research which, based on the processing and analysis of large volumes of data.

Typically groups of scientists works under the major scientific problems and handle common data sets, using a common set of analysis tools. After completion of the study, in accordance with the principles of the scientific method, it must be possible to exchange the original data and results within the scientific community freely. Public and private sharing with user groups of data and programs are possible in our product DMSaaSBeta 1.0 to solve these issues.

Authors of original algorithms and tools for data mining, can use our product, as a platform for distribution, and getting potential buyers.


You can find huge number of uploaded by authors and another users programs and data here in our product.

Uploaded software and test data allows, on the one hand, to study the existing Data Mining methods to students whose work is directly related to Computer Science and Data Mining and who may create new methods in the future. Student have ability to implement any Data Mining algorithm by Java, Python and R.

On the other hand, the large number of uploaded software and open data which used previously in the various researches, simplifies training for students working in other scientific areas.

If you study Computer Science in your educational institute or practice distance education (Coursera, Udacity) and think about learning of Data Mining methods, machine learning, look at our product DMSaaSBeta 1.0, or mail us.